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Transfer History

Players bought: 32
Players sold: 51
Total purchases: Rs 878,712,268
Total sales: Rs 958,970,160
Displaying 1-20 of 83 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
01-06-2019Lakshmiram MedhiANGRY BENGAL TIGERHits A lot 69,36020,330,000 
08-05-2019Vikas AryanThe DRAGONITES XIHits A lot 161,716149,309,600 
08-05-2019Nagesh PawgiThe DRAGONITES XIHits A lot 236,14380,227,200 
08-05-2019Abeysekera AnurasiriLightening ThundersHits A lot 124,24639,459,600 
02-04-2019Suniil NarineHits A lotNellore cricket club 355,197225,233,500 
25-02-2019Ashwani KhannaLightening ThundersHits A lot 49,50316,270,000 
25-02-2019Subhajit GodhwaniLightening ThundersHits A lot 14,0633,320,000 
12-02-2019Ghanasyaam AppaniMerlins XIHits A lot 28,2883,000,000 
12-02-2019Utpal PanditMerlins XIHits A lot 31,8425,000,000 
09-01-2019Nikin SahaHits A lotMoseley warriors 168,43961,104,000 
07-12-2018Nikin SahaNellore cricket clubHits A lot 167,96790,068,068 
03-12-2018Santosh AnandLyari XIHits A lot 172,718120,377,600 
02-10-2018Suniil NarineONE TEAM ONE DREAMHits A lot 251,294175,000,000 
25-09-2018Raghav KodhatiHits A lotSandnocturnals Suns 173,92435,000,000 
28-08-2018Tahir LatifHits A lotAchiever's XI 145,00243,500,000 
19-08-2018Farooq KianiMaaz ZalmiHits A lot 1,73150,000 
24-07-2018Dickon ReedHits A lotCroft CC 145,76387,550,000 
24-07-2018Tharanga AsankaHits A lotRogues XI 158,18060,000,000 
11-07-2018Allan ParkerHits A lotBlue India 150,47360,000,000 
09-07-2018Raghav KodhatiNellore cricket clubHits A lot 173,92476,500,000 
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