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Transfer History

Players bought: 39
Players sold: 17
Total purchases: Rs 259,042,960
Total sales: Rs 22,147,200
Displaying 1-20 of 56 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-10-2021Chiranjan Khawlhringlos blancosMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super Kings 267,61728,849,900 
13-09-2021Owen WatsonMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super KingsLions XI 4466 43,3261,180,800 
10-09-2021Abhijit AlokeMaullers CCMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super Kings 123,7783,686,400 
07-08-2021Mansoor HassanPunjab Lions 7152MSD FAN Mrinmoy Super Kings 31,5031,231,200 
20-07-2021Safdar AkhtarAizawl Foolers 601MSD FAN Mrinmoy Super Kings 199,58012,372,000 
18-05-2021Usama DomkiDemolition ForceMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super Kings 238,38016,660,000 
31-03-2021Jarred OntongHangoverMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super Kings 156,77017,372,800 
27-01-2021Ahsan BhattiMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super KingsAizawl Foolers 601 43,9422,318,400 
16-01-2021Kalicharan RathoreUnited ElevenMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super Kings 175,02123,006,400 
31-12-2020Sachin SaxenaMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super KingsBangla Challangers 27,173556,800 
19-10-2020Stan HannahPunalur BlastersMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super Kings 212,14130,000,000 
03-09-2020Owen WatsonShaswat KnigtsMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super Kings 127,69612,957,200 
29-08-2020Kapil DevvMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super KingsAyan Ants 2958 49,4713,145,200 
22-08-2020Safdar NasimParth PuntersMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super Kings 44,3001,988,100 
14-08-2020Inam RahmanMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super KingsMumbai Zoners 42,3292,700,000 
14-08-2020Savieri HallMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super KingsPratik Eleven 6563 54,2691,001,900 
11-08-2020Suhail JalaliMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super KingsAnimation 39,783527,500 
10-08-2020Mike LawOne ShortMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super Kings 121,50811,938,300 
06-08-2020Hafiz HassanBlueberriesMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super Kings 83,4057,426,300 
21-06-2020Kapil DevvTiger Cuffs ASPMSD FAN Mrinmoy Super Kings 60,0623,375,200 
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