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Transfer History

Players bought: 233
Players sold: 288
Total purchases: Rs 1,997,657,167
Total sales: Rs 1,757,966,707
Displaying 141-160 of 519 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
13-02-2018Rijendra AcharyaMohammad XI 6907Chennai Super Kings SD 24,2322,670,000 
13-02-2018Saurabh PatelChitainga PholasChennai Super Kings SD 47,7543,410,000 
30-01-2018Andy VelettaChennai Super Kings SDChennai Supers King 102,03832,887,900 
24-01-2018Jagmohan RaoImperil XiChennai Super Kings SD 180,51973,158,200 
18-10-2017Abhishek DattaChennai Super Kings SDshaheryar sports 70,90939,085,000 
03-10-2017Dunil Apsarasledgers 11Chennai Super Kings SD 78,21951,500,000 
12-09-2017Philbert SamuelsChennai Super Kings SDHITWICKET PLAYING XI 68,09843,709,100 
11-09-2017Frederick RandallDeactivated teamChennai Super Kings SD 78,85861,215,300 
31-07-2017Ramesh BapatChennai Super Kings SDHell Boys 18,0122,268,500 
31-07-2017Abhay AgarwalChennai Super Kings SDDeactivated team 14,559906,100 
27-07-2017Zulfiqar JawandaChennai Super Kings SDjai ambika sports club 9,267200,000 
27-07-2017Nartan UpponiChennai Super Kings SDCalcutta Super Knights 19,5961,352,600 
27-07-2017Satjeevan DeolChennai Super Kings SDDinesh Draggers 1303 16,8951,549,000 
27-07-2017Raja ShujahChennai Super Kings SDBharath Bheems 24,1863,290,400 
27-07-2017Anthony Van MoerChennai Super Kings SDRishi Rattlesnakes 2494 17,4412,777,500 
26-07-2017Hussain FasihuddinChennai Super Kings SDDx Gang 15,1803,669,300 
11-04-2017Lokeswar JajooChennai Super Kings SDANAND INDIANS 11,150840,000 
10-04-2017Evan GordonChennai Super Kings SDoptimistic warriors 17,1641,426,700 
10-04-2017Addison CookChennai Super Kings SDdilers 27,6201,220,000 
09-04-2017Balraj DevineniChennai Super Kings SDNikhil 16,7683,000,000 
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