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Transfer History

Players bought: 235
Players sold: 295
Total purchases: Rs 2,096,676,367
Total sales: Rs 1,831,785,207
Displaying 1-20 of 528 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
30-05-2021Antonio ConceicaoardcChennai Super Kings SD 90,29456,856,000 
26-05-2021Saurav MahadikChennai Super Kings SDPriya Warriors 2585 49,0137,738,400 
26-05-2021Amit VijayraniaChennai Super Kings SDPriya Warriors 2585 21,3972,690,000 
24-05-2021Galvin DoakChennai Super Kings SDHappiness 126,64530,200,000 
24-05-2021Faraz AfridiChennai Super Kings SDRagnor Evils 169,45612,803,200 
10-04-2021Shree NawatheChennai Super Kings SDEasy Company 2867 79,2328,930,100 
10-04-2021Peter MbeluChennai Super Kings SDKerala XII 83,1199,880,000 
26-01-2021VijayaChandra AdiyodiMankuvaChennai Super Kings SD 103,83442,163,200 
24-01-2021Kunwarjeet BainsChennai Super Kings SDMaster Hitters 98,3581,576,800 
10-04-2020Madhan JaiAussie AnnasChennai Super Kings SD 27,55710,881,300 
10-04-2020Tommy RamaorayThe EnglishmenChennai Super Kings SD 21,4096,887,600 
10-04-2020Deependra BaroovaChennai Super Kings SDPhoneix XI 55,04215,009,600 
10-04-2020Marques GosaviChennai Super Kings SDadi challengers 31,5399,852,900 
10-04-2020Greg CumminsChennai Super Kings SDadi challengers 25,6168,837,300 
07-04-2020Vaibhav BalGovindThe Flying Mafia'sChennai Super Kings SD 19,92112,570,000 
06-04-2020Lahiru AravindaAbid ZonersChennai Super Kings SD 22,77110,000,000 
06-04-2020Saransh PatniRoaring Bengal TigersChennai Super Kings SD 21,39911,669,900 
05-04-2020Achintya HauthualChennai Super Kings SDBKT's 26,5688,942,800 
05-04-2020Anuj AgarwalChennai Super Kings SDBlissful Beings 52,89626,710,000 
04-04-2020Marshall JohnstonChennai Super Kings SDShahin's Sixxers 14,0681,170,000 
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