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Transfer History

Players bought: 63
Players sold: 112
Total purchases: Rs 1,127,661,180
Total sales: Rs 1,680,725,600
Displaying 1-20 of 175 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
25-08-2020Cedric WoodsRising Super StarsTAMIL TI7ANS 12,0733,250,000 
23-08-2020Emanuel DepeizaRising Super StarsCalcutta Night Riders 12,5963,862,500 
23-08-2020Yasitha De SilvaRising Super StarsUSELESS XI 18,4206,068,200 
22-08-2020Kyan WilfRising Super Starsindia s pvr 13,3093,862,500 
31-05-2020Ghazanfar EsmaeliRising Super StarsUSELESS XI 378,532258,520,000 
20-05-2020Harun WazirRising Super StarsTAMIL TI7ANS 155,67451,234,000 
20-05-2020Manender JainRising Super StarsUSELESS XI 266,61885,617,600 
01-01-2020Deep BhagwatiRising Super StarsUSELESS XI 235,23678,544,400 
02-12-2019Jijeesh RaghavanCHARLES XIRising Super Stars 12,75020,786,400 
28-11-2019Bruce McgrathRising Super StarsLightning Strikers 12,8219,358,400 
29-09-2019Sushant RanaSaran ArmyRising Super Stars 13,2929,374,400 
22-09-2019Dinesh NishanthaChchamps CobrasRising Super Stars 12,8139,054,200 
28-08-2019Dan HodgeRising Super StarsTre 12,23710,407,700 
23-03-2019Ajeet GuptaRising Super StarsUSELESS XI 210,27774,510,400 
22-03-2019Deep BhagwatiUSELESS XIRising Super Stars 232,95288,163,300 
13-03-2019Owen BadgerRising Super StarsUSELESS XI 222,01575,274,000 
10-03-2019Manender JainTAMIL TI7ANSRising Super Stars 289,887169,833,900 
06-01-2019Frederick WattRising Super StarsUSELESS XI 204,261110,734,000 
27-12-2018Kumar PallavaraayarRising Super StarsAsher Avengers 18,94921,203,800 
24-12-2018Pawan ShakyaPAKISTAN SHAHEENS'Rising Super Stars 13,85112,307,700 
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