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Transfer History

Players bought: 24
Players sold: 20
Total purchases: Rs 42,708,300
Total sales: Rs 46,585,000
Displaying 1-20 of 44 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-08-2019Nayan KatakeyKing In The North 463Naveen Zappers 26,0862,040,000 
04-07-2019Mahabahu SolankiKing In The North 463Cheenai Super Kings 3105 30,4051,350,700 
02-07-2019Salim IlderimLindeque Blazers 1427King In The North 463 47,9142,311,200 
02-07-2019Debendra PujariKrushers KnightsKing In The North 463 50,9082,900,000 
02-07-2019Joti SorenKing In The North 463Praveesion Panthers 24,9328,143,600 
02-07-2019Aarun SinghAjay Alliances 9231King In The North 463 75,2367,435,500 
01-07-2019Mahabahu SolankiABHINAV STAR INDIAKing In The North 463 31,395535,500 
01-07-2019Cephas MbindiDooms XIKing In The North 463 59,0886,500,000 
29-06-2019Sriram DhulipallaKing In The North 463Xi Together 26,8747,799,200 
29-06-2019Sanchay JoshiKing In The North 463DraGon RiVerie 14,263978,500 
26-06-2019Deeptimoy ZauchaKing In The North 463team kings 21,3603,712,800 
24-06-2019Hamish BonittoSantu2dareKing In The North 463 28,91912,875,000 
23-06-2019Stephen MoyesAlarte AscendareKing In The North 463 14,4111,191,100 
20-06-2019Brolly ThompsonKing In The North 463Vizag strikers 22,4304,171,100 
20-06-2019Braxton CarltonKing In The North 463Navajyoti Quivers 725 16,3531,048,800 
20-06-2019Simon GardinerKing In The North 463pk super kings 9246 36,008957,900 
20-06-2019Shobhit GhoshKing In The North 463Kings 11 Mumbai 22,4465,250,000 
20-06-2019Aniruddh PandiyanKing In The North 463Kings 11 Mumbai 19,6126,310,000 
07-06-2019Prateek AshokanKing In The North 463Shahid Challengers 8441 11,416332,800 
02-05-2019Nihaar KambojKing In The North 463Pravignesh Wariors 11,856810,000 
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