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Transfer History

Players bought: 41
Players sold: 76
Total purchases: Rs 185,703,522
Total sales: Rs 182,327,678
Displaying 1-20 of 116 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
25-06-2018Clement BryanMKX Special ForcesSatyanagar Devils 16,523950,000 
29-09-2017Patrick ReinholdMKX Special Forcesbig dog XI 12,9553,074,100 
22-09-2017Bruce JuddMKX Special ForcesDashing Riders 20,3372,242,400 
14-09-2017Gordon ReedMKX Special ForcesAfghan Atalan 15,5962,429,400 
31-08-2017Ros TaylorMKX Special ForcesVeera XI 4335 25,30225,066,500 
25-08-2017James BryanMKX Special ForcesVinit Visers 6917 17,2043,908,100 
22-08-2017Winston WoodsMKX Special ForcesDeactivated team 21,5394,814,800 
10-08-2017Alfred PollardMKX Special ForcesFiery Gladiators 24,7662,251,100 
03-08-2017Larry NortonMKX Special ForcesNoggin Neros 20,4321,000,000 
03-08-2017Gilbert AaronRoyal Bengal Maharashtrian XIMKX Special Forces 21,25513,907,400 
03-08-2017Tarisai Tiripanothe best in world XIMKX Special Forces 19,24314,416,400 
29-07-2017Frank WakefieldMKX Special ForcesDream Crusher's 19,9056,853,000 
29-07-2017Nathan BacklerMKX Special ForcesAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 65,5826,570,200 
26-07-2017Gangadutt PanditMKX Special ForcesSL SAMURAIS 60,0634,038,500 
22-07-2017Shaun FrostGujarat 11 8649MKX Special Forces 17,5538,202,000 
22-07-2017Daniel ZealMKX Special ForcesLions XI 5370 53,3584,000,000 
19-07-2017BalGovind VeeraHakuna MaTaTaMKX Special Forces 22,3666,100,000 
05-07-2017Mark DavidsMKX Special ForcesSpartan Warlords 26,1712,419,600 
05-07-2017Henry NibbiMKX Special ForcesParth Pacemakers 8205 16,3252,909,600 
02-07-2017Justin LavarackThunder Bolts 7706MKX Special Forces 8,62610,000 
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