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Transfer History

Players bought: 55
Players sold: 68
Total purchases: Rs 175,709,455
Total sales: Rs 661,684,800
Displaying 101-120 of 123 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
08-02-2015Priyanshu MahajanFOREVER YOUNG STARzDeactivated team 9,670298,900 
05-02-2015Kandarpa ShasthriFOREVER YOUNG STARzOviyaArmy 21,6462,135,600 
05-02-2015SaiPratap NatarajanFOREVER YOUNG STARzcheckpost chapaks 25,0132,000,000 
15-01-2015Amarpreet DevarmaniJOKER FACED STRANGERFOREVER YOUNG STARz 11,6321,000,000 
22-12-2014Tofeeq AliGalicia hondurasFOREVER YOUNG STARz 14,084500,000 
21-12-2014Kaplesh GhanekarNORdiqUESFOREVER YOUNG STARz 6,37366,100 
12-12-2014Aarav BhajentriFOREVER YOUNG STARzDeactivated team 8,277600,000 
22-11-2014Kandarpa ShasthriJOKER FACED STRANGERFOREVER YOUNG STARz 18,8233,000,000 
22-11-2014Hemant ChandwaniFOREVER YOUNG STARzMirpur SuperStars 5,53910,000 
22-11-2014SaiPratap NatarajanHIGH PROFILE MANIACFOREVER YOUNG STARz 19,8092,034,000 
21-11-2014Fahim AliFOREVER YOUNG STARzJOKER FACED STRANGER 10,277700,000 
21-11-2014Krishnakumar BelgaviJOKER FACED STRANGERFOREVER YOUNG STARz 9,593900,000 
21-11-2014Yunus HussainChittagong pRosFOREVER YOUNG STARz 4,50414,700 
21-11-2014Sanchit KhandelwalTomra Je AmarFOREVER YOUNG STARz 6,85910,200 
20-11-2014Abhijay BadniFOREVER YOUNG STARzBangladesh CC 45,7285,051,200 
19-11-2014Siddhant Dasguptawe gonna rock 11FOREVER YOUNG STARz 9,945871,700 
19-11-2014Aaron DarvallFOREVER YOUNG STARzThe Match Engine 32,6433,112,400 
18-11-2014Sarabjeet AroraMechaTronZFOREVER YOUNG STARz 18,078394,400 
18-11-2014Faruq HussainDeactivated teamFOREVER YOUNG STARz 8,166310,500 
18-11-2014Aryan KumarDeactivated teamFOREVER YOUNG STARz 16,344729,500 
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