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Transfer History

Players bought: 55
Players sold: 68
Total purchases: Rs 175,709,455
Total sales: Rs 661,684,800
Displaying 61-80 of 123 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
05-08-2015Deeptendu BhattFOREVER YOUNG STARzEmerging Aces 9,412947,500 
01-08-2015Nathan HoggFOREVER YOUNG STARzDazling stars 28,9856,656,900 
01-08-2015Gyandeva AlvaFOREVER YOUNG STARzHit wicket 11 33,4059,009,400 
23-07-2015Babr MunirDeactivated teamFOREVER YOUNG STARz 14,6603,155,555 
19-07-2015Hashani MathewsFOREVER YOUNG STARzDelhi Bullet Riders 28,3693,492,200 
19-07-2015Elton SmithFOREVER YOUNG STARzBorn To Beat 19,558526,900 
02-07-2015Bhairav ChettiFOREVER YOUNG STARztheend 4,58666,900 
02-07-2015Kundan DhoreFOREVER YOUNG STARzTeletubbies 7,24610,000 
25-06-2015Tofeeq HaiderDeactivated teamFOREVER YOUNG STARz 18,1646,000,000 
25-06-2015Hashani MathewsDeactivated teamFOREVER YOUNG STARz 27,5074,000,000 
23-06-2015Gaurav SanghaviFOREVER YOUNG STARzDeactivated team 21,5901,104,300 
16-06-2015Carroll BothaFOREVER YOUNG STARznanijagadeep 28,36213,198,100 
15-06-2015Elton SmithJOKER FACED STRANGERFOREVER YOUNG STARz 19,5582,540,000 
12-06-2015Gaurav SanghaviHIGH PROFILE MANIACFOREVER YOUNG STARz 21,5904,400,000 
31-05-2015Zane ThomasFOREVER YOUNG STARzMY PUNTERS 33,2423,873,700 
28-05-2015Somesh KhandelwalHISTORY RECREATORSFOREVER YOUNG STARz 16,5912,760,400 
28-05-2015Nathan HoggJaipur RhinosFOREVER YOUNG STARz 15,7693,378,700 
24-05-2015Jonathan CarthyFOREVER YOUNG STARzRasta Ravers 18,1011,045,700 
21-05-2015Gagan GoelFOREVER YOUNG STARzsonic warriors 17,1291,021,300 
21-05-2015Amarpreet DevarmaniFOREVER YOUNG STARzBombay Boys 12,454459,800 
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