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Transfer History

Players bought: 55
Players sold: 68
Total purchases: Rs 175,709,455
Total sales: Rs 661,684,800
Displaying 41-60 of 123 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
15-10-2015Josh QuongLions of MahuvaFOREVER YOUNG STARz 13,5503,183,700 
12-10-2015Thilan IreshaSTUNNERS 11 CCFOREVER YOUNG STARz 5,47520,000 
11-10-2015Somesh KhandelwalFOREVER YOUNG STARzYadav 11 44,85413,784,300 
11-10-2015Sujith PolisettyFOREVER YOUNG STARzDunBshell 30,5899,189,600 
01-10-2015Manikanta BondreRebellion IndiansFOREVER YOUNG STARz 12,5142,721,100 
01-10-2015Tofeeq AliFOREVER YOUNG STARzWristy Strokers 14,4291,550,000 
01-10-2015Aayushman HubliFOREVER YOUNG STARzDeactivated team 13,20050,000 
01-10-2015VelugotiDurga KhareFOREVER YOUNG STARzoh my gawd 10,825900,000 
01-10-2015Tofeeq HaiderFOREVER YOUNG STARzFreshgame 31,5907,967,000 
28-09-2015Shardool DabholkarHD YoungersFOREVER YOUNG STARz 19,3562,080,800 
28-09-2015Rahman QadirLOVELY BOYZZZFOREVER YOUNG STARz 29,2696,120,000 
20-09-2015Aviral Dalla32323FOREVER YOUNG STARz 21,9751,550,000 
20-09-2015Bradley Alden32323FOREVER YOUNG STARz 19,2841,693,200 
20-09-2015Sarath BalanINDIAN DONS 2014FOREVER YOUNG STARz 14,7134,244,900 
13-09-2015Jivitesh NadgirProactive MartinetsFOREVER YOUNG STARz 16,9201,915,600 
13-09-2015Upul WathsalaDeactivated teamFOREVER YOUNG STARz 21,4023,247,400 
05-09-2015Kaplesh GhanekarFOREVER YOUNG STARzVBKorner 8,00510,000 
27-08-2015Satyajeet BhagwatiMonsterous SixersFOREVER YOUNG STARz 12,3443,000,000 
20-08-2015Babr MunirFOREVER YOUNG STARzDeactivated team 17,865600,000 
09-08-2015Sujith PolisettyRulers XIFOREVER YOUNG STARz 20,8757,000,000 
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