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Transfer History

Players bought: 55
Players sold: 68
Total purchases: Rs 175,709,455
Total sales: Rs 661,684,800
Displaying 21-40 of 123 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-03-2016Angus GrieveFOREVER YOUNG STARzMoro Knights 17,3014,647,900 
08-03-2016Rahman QadirFOREVER YOUNG STARzBurdwan Riders 5600 31,6787,886,000 
29-01-2016Clint ThorpeFOREVER YOUNG STARzDeepak XI 9018 15,1402,551,800 
21-01-2016John VaughFOREVER YOUNG STARzDeactivated team 11,139900,000 
17-01-2016Jacob MacGillFOREVER YOUNG STARzThe Very Special One 13,1722,587,800 
14-01-2016Aadiren AnandThe Dark DestroyersFOREVER YOUNG STARz 7,738104,100 
14-01-2016Gobardhan Bordoloiameer's IdiotsFOREVER YOUNG STARz 16,403127,500 
14-01-2016Kaliram HazarikaSaba XI 308227FOREVER YOUNG STARz 8,328102,000 
08-01-2016Mathew SandhuFOREVER YOUNG STARzRahuls XI Club 18,5321,865,500 
31-12-2015John KellyFOREVER YOUNG STARzDeactivated team 17,97112,000,000 
18-12-2015Mike SolomonFOREVER YOUNG STARzRequiescat in Pace 17,5054,681,800 
29-10-2015Upul WathsalaFOREVER YOUNG STARzArunesh Sparks 26,2214,207,000 
25-10-2015Damien Goddardccb chalengeFOREVER YOUNG STARz 6,04110,800 
23-10-2015Ismail RafikThe ShanuFOREVER YOUNG STARz 10,16810,200 
15-10-2015Alviro HaywardThe HardhittersFOREVER YOUNG STARz 15,5396,341,900 
15-10-2015Douglas NeeshamRAM WARRIORSFOREVER YOUNG STARz 17,9878,240,200 
15-10-2015Sarath BalanFOREVER YOUNG STARzBharatpur XI CC 14,7132,114,500 
15-10-2015Anurag NamputiriFOREVER YOUNG STARzSTAR XII 10,9991,111,400 
15-10-2015Nick KingsleyFOREVER YOUNG STARzYatadolawatta CC 40,39613,770,000 
15-10-2015Shane Warrencool godFOREVER YOUNG STARz 18,2267,030,200 
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