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Transfer History

Players bought: 204
Players sold: 262
Total purchases: Rs 5,696,964,263
Total sales: Rs 6,398,153,514
Displaying 141-160 of 463 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
31-08-2017Ash AgarDeactivated teamThe Spin Attack 19,15815,086,000 
30-08-2017Amit SamalaDeactivated teamThe Spin Attack 89,20240,000,000 
22-08-2017Ajith BonifaceThe Spin AttackAmritsari Chinchoras 113,03566,950,000 
18-08-2017Anand ThakoreThe Spin AttackSoldiers XI Club 50,60034,482,800 
17-08-2017Kieron JohnsonThe Spin AttackDeactivated team 142,17975,630,100 
16-08-2017Anthony McKayDeactivated teamThe Spin Attack 196,72190,000,000 
13-08-2017Rupesh AsaanThe Spin Attackthe cheetahs 124,31390,756,300 
12-08-2017Agnish Khandelwalthe cheetahsThe Spin Attack 30,14545,700,000 
11-08-2017Sudarshan GaliaDeactivated teamThe Spin Attack 50,243165,784,900 
10-08-2017Ikram AppathuraiThe Spin AttackDarkKnights Legacy 156,76994,000,000 
09-08-2017Naswaru ChundayThe Spin AttackDeactivated team 206,485105,060,000 
06-08-2017Kieron JohnsonDeactivated teamThe Spin Attack 137,80265,872,400 
04-08-2017Sushant KannanThe Spin Attackkakinada sixers 140,14584,462,400 
31-07-2017Jason SommerThe Spin AttackThe flying Scotchman 75,18856,169,600 
31-07-2017Grant LaurantusThe Spin AttackSiraj crusher's 150,04572,828,000 
29-07-2017Rupesh Asaankhan 145The Spin Attack 123,68066,300,000 
28-07-2017Ajith BonifaceSofeezThe Spin Attack 113,03572,500,000 
28-07-2017Hafiz AlamThe Spin AttackShera XI 73,77832,640,000 
25-07-2017Fahad AhmedThe Spin AttackDeactivated team 73,20556,000,000 
25-07-2017Naswaru ChundayDeactivated teamThe Spin Attack 203,744108,201,600 
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