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Transfer History

Players bought: 204
Players sold: 262
Total purchases: Rs 5,696,964,263
Total sales: Rs 6,398,153,514
Displaying 61-80 of 463 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
21-05-2018Victor WaineThe Spin AttackBlaze King's 51,65546,000,000 
19-05-2018Michael RonchiThe Spin AttackDraamebaaz 103,53037,820,700 
19-05-2018Raza BhattiThe Spin AttackSher E Kolkata 169,88564,147,200 
19-05-2018Azam KhanTHE SPECIAL ONEThe Spin Attack 152,306155,167,300 
02-05-2018Saurabh Madeedharjazzy JuniorsThe Spin Attack 24,1703,139,500 
30-04-2018Raza BhattiTHE SPECIAL ONEThe Spin Attack 160,29396,000,000 
30-04-2018Michael RonchiBlaze King'sThe Spin Attack 101,97459,837,000 
28-04-2018Gagandeep SinghThe Spin AttackWINGS  470,553203,281,100 
25-04-2018Ganapati RaoThe Spin AttackMAAYA XI 95,50484,103,400 
23-04-2018Anshu JajooDooms XIThe Spin Attack 12,0734,510,000 
23-04-2018Debabrata SarmaIce CubesThe Spin Attack 47,28022,486,400 
23-04-2018Victor WaineCommander ArmyThe Spin Attack 46,76736,000,000 
23-04-2018Jatin SahiTumbleweed KillersThe Spin Attack 30,4377,210,000 
23-04-2018Jagdev MaanCH EVOLUTIONThe Spin Attack 22,7934,000,000 
18-04-2018Adam AllenThe Spin AttackKz lYcanz 136,76736,153,600 
17-04-2018Gerald VaughThe Spin AttackDeactivated team 32,8767,990,000 
15-04-2018Deepankar ChakrabortiThe Spin AttackMelbourne Mice 25,49722,188,700 
15-04-2018Karan DagaThe Spin AttackBreaking Bad 44,05731,445,100 
15-04-2018Vusi TshumaThe Spin AttackGreen Bleed Only 88,47072,100,000 
14-04-2018Gagandeep SinghGag's warriorThe Spin Attack 465,021280,000,000 
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