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Transfer History

Players bought: 204
Players sold: 262
Total purchases: Rs 5,696,964,263
Total sales: Rs 6,398,153,514
Displaying 41-60 of 463 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
02-08-2018Nikin HemrajaniThe Spin AttackJOSHUA 'XI' 246,78343,623,800 
31-07-2018Darren ShawThe Spin AttackCG Mammoths 102,47525,630,000 
19-07-2018Nikin HemrajaniAll rounder LoverThe Spin Attack 237,81762,000,000 
11-07-2018Matthew SteeleThe Spin Attackmithun mistakers 99,61820,000,000 
11-07-2018Jagdev MaanThe Spin AttackNafeel heros 42,9197,988,600 
11-07-2018Jeffrey LuipaThe Spin AttackSUPER MYSTERIOUS SQUAD 54,54422,095,000 
07-07-2018Jatin SahiThe Spin AttackLEGENDS XI 007 58,02021,218,000 
06-07-2018Anshu JajooThe Spin AttackSS CHALLENGERS 34,40010,672,700 
06-07-2018Deepesh BhattacharyaThe Spin AttackNayak Sports Academy 28,2557,360,000 
05-07-2018Darren ShawTHE SPECIAL ONEThe Spin Attack 86,60937,000,000 
26-06-2018Pushkar RathoreTHUNDER KNIGHTSThe Spin Attack 49,60016,660,800 
05-06-2018Debabrata SarmaThe Spin AttackNepali Rockers 56,47028,000,000 
03-06-2018Deepesh BhattacharyaNepali RockersThe Spin Attack 20,8747,895,700 
02-06-2018Poreddy NithishThe Spin AttackIndia MSD XI 83,06525,714,700 
01-06-2018Gopi BalaChandraTiger 9196The Spin Attack 40,7088,420,000 
01-06-2018Matthew SteeleBlaze King'sThe Spin Attack 66,29020,160,000 
01-06-2018Poreddy Nithishjazzy JuniorsThe Spin Attack 83,06545,374,200 
30-05-2018Azam KhanThe Spin AttackDragon Lords 152,974122,101,800 
30-05-2018Jeffrey LuipaChidambaram FightersThe Spin Attack 25,1434,000,000 
22-05-2018Maroof QambraniThe Spin AttackStrikers 735 45,1726,080,000 
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