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Transfer History

Players bought: 204
Players sold: 262
Total purchases: Rs 5,696,964,263
Total sales: Rs 6,398,153,514
Displaying 21-40 of 463 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-11-2019Abhoy KhandelwalChandni Chowk To ChinaThe Spin Attack 33,93310,400,002 
28-10-2019Amitesh BeriwalThe Spin AttackAll rounder Lover 108,16010,352,800 
24-10-2019John RamaoraySign OutThe Spin Attack 37,44317,960,000 
25-08-2019Amitesh BeriwalSPECIAL SQUADThe Spin Attack 106,97545,000,000 
08-08-2019Eric OldfieldThe Spin AttackSantanu Titans 82,80112,900,000 
25-04-2019GulRaiz LanghaniThe Spin AttackSYLHET UNITED 30,6448,820,000 
02-04-2019Kaushal BaghelWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNERThe Spin Attack 22,37910,000,000 
06-02-2019Travis BlairWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNERThe Spin Attack 32,2054,500,000 
17-01-2019Erroll MorganCrisis SurvivorsThe Spin Attack 37,62015,450,000 
15-12-2018Eric OldfieldMarauding BrawniesThe Spin Attack 47,64815,710,000 
11-11-2018Riaz MohammadThe Spin AttackTHE SPECIAL ONE 175,44017,200,000 
07-11-2018Riaz MohammadAKKI PUNKERSThe Spin Attack 175,44051,542,400 
31-10-2018Dananjaya AmarasuriyaThe Spin AttackDeathadders Nagpur 41,34812,360,000 
05-09-2018Sangamesh MohantyThe Spin AttackPlayerzzz 63,45932,960,000 
02-09-2018GulRaiz LanghaniTHE SPECIAL ONEThe Spin Attack 22,52114,000,000 
07-08-2018Pushkar RathoreThe Spin AttackIndian kingz XI 56,1168,240,000 
07-08-2018Gopi BalaChandraThe Spin Attackjazzy Juniors 55,58412,000,000 
06-08-2018Sangamesh MohantyUnstoppable FaddebaazzzThe Spin Attack 58,15241,200,000 
06-08-2018Dananjaya AmarasuriyaNepali RockersThe Spin Attack 38,35118,770,000 
04-08-2018Norman WallsONE TEAM ONE DREAMThe Spin Attack 30,8277,000,000 
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