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Transfer History

Players bought: 204
Players sold: 262
Total purchases: Rs 5,696,964,263
Total sales: Rs 6,398,153,514
Displaying 1-20 of 463 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
11-06-2020Aniruddha KakotiUnited PowerThe Spin Attack 15,7665,050,000 
11-06-2020Pushkar MunshiUnited PowerThe Spin Attack 45,15614,000,000 
11-06-2020Peter QuinnBlazing Phoenix'The Spin Attack 96,79528,000,000 
03-06-2020Sunil RajahariaThe Spin AttackMaGiCaL MoNsTeR 198,67849,746,400 
02-05-2020Luqman LatifThe Spin AttackAnsari CC 543 19,3414,520,000 
22-04-2020Luqman LatifTrivandrum RoyalsThe Spin Attack 19,3416,060,000 
18-04-2020Chandrashekhar KumarThe Spin AttackTHUNDER KNIGHTS 22,5069,400,000 
18-04-2020Abhoy KhandelwalThe Spin AttackORANGE ARMY team 36,3879,570,000 
17-04-2020Devansh AhujaThe Spin AttackSPECIAL SQUAD 21,8635,450,000 
17-04-2020Vedant MahajanThe Spin AttackSwinging Strickers 17,3595,000,000 
17-04-2020Darrell GilchristThe Spin AttackChandni Chowk To China 36,39115,390,000 
17-04-2020Kaushal BaghelThe Spin AttackORANGE ARMY team 40,4784,400,000 
17-04-2020John RamaorayThe Spin AttackPondy 11 56,63711,031,300 
17-04-2020Saurabh MadeedharThe Spin AttackSameer United 71,67415,100,100 
17-04-2020Sunil RajahariaTrivandrum RoyalsThe Spin Attack 192,45499,379,200 
18-02-2020Chandrashekhar KumarShaheen Star XIThe Spin Attack 17,2164,570,000 
30-01-2020Darrell GilchristKnoxfield KnockoutsThe Spin Attack 34,26618,000,000 
25-01-2020Maahir HalderThe Spin AttackRafee 40,5345,360,000 
22-01-2020Erroll MorganThe Spin AttackSamrat Hunters 45,2763,676,400 
24-12-2019Maahir HalderSwinging StrickersThe Spin Attack 40,5347,520,000 
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