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Transfer History

Players bought: 34
Players sold: 42
Total purchases: Rs 292,870,300
Total sales: Rs 181,610,960
Displaying 61-76 of 76 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
29-03-2017Galvin CullenDouble DeadlyNot Fast But Furious 51,46620,000,000 
18-03-2017Indirjot BhallaMind Tracker'sNot Fast But Furious 24,3433,031,000 
18-03-2017Salim KhanNot Fast But FuriousNash the worrior 13,166400,000 
15-03-2017Stuart GilchristDream11 of JambudaNot Fast But Furious 28,9845,836,700 
11-03-2017Chandrakumar SharmaNot Fast But FuriousVEERA WARRIORS 5283 22,5731,326,000 
10-03-2017Simon WestNot Fast But FuriousSudhir shooters 7,692100,000 
07-03-2017Gurjeet DeolSilent Assassins 8419Not Fast But Furious 20,4441,000,000 
07-03-2017Saurav SomaniNutty Super KingsNot Fast But Furious 6,12951,000 
06-03-2017Ashok DhingraRoyal challangers bangalore 2282Not Fast But Furious 6,85175,000 
06-03-2017Victor McCullumGangaroo TigersNot Fast But Furious 27,027198,300 
06-03-2017Simon WestRajawatrajat Super KingsNot Fast But Furious 7,692306,000 
06-03-2017Ronak PokalDun WarriorNot Fast But Furious 8,560285,600 
06-03-2017Fabian ParkinsonCHERRY CHEETA'SNot Fast But Furious 21,152919,300 
04-03-2017Cooper KasprowiczMonali MachinesNot Fast But Furious 19,2781,741,400 
04-03-2017Sulieman BravoLegend LionsNot Fast But Furious 15,5081,275,000 
03-03-2017Jauhar ChechiRiders from the darkNot Fast But Furious 9,03913,200 
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