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Transfer History

Players bought: 34
Players sold: 42
Total purchases: Rs 292,870,300
Total sales: Rs 181,610,960
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
18-06-2018Bhajan SandhuNeetiasha NightridersNot Fast But Furious 17,25311,526,300 
28-05-2018Gerhard JohnstonNot Fast But FuriousBadri Boxers 54,49312,061,300 
27-05-2018Suchith KamarapuMind Tracker'sNot Fast But Furious 168,01251,000,000 
01-05-2018Ajay ReddyNot Fast But FuriousCunning 54,5907,846,900 
01-05-2018Galvin CullenNot Fast But FuriousChennai Blasters 4904 52,56811,523,600 
01-05-2018Aaron MorkelNot Fast But FuriousDeactivated team 16,7393,205,200 
18-01-2018Wayne KeanEagle CageNot Fast But Furious 159,79289,470,000 
17-01-2018Lokbhushan MahlotraNot Fast But FuriousLions 4114 14,7093,456,300 
17-01-2018Cooper KasprowiczNot Fast But FuriousAazmi Cricket Club 73,00762,000,000 
20-12-2017Abraham ShelverNot Fast But FuriousLions XI 1261 13,641793,100 
19-12-2017Ajay ReddyRanchi superr kingsNot Fast But Furious 79,07311,592,900 
19-12-2017Bibhas DeeviNot Fast But FuriousMuchar Magicians 33,8875,737,100 
19-12-2017Jack ThompsonNot Fast But FuriousBengal Warrior 9542 12,835800,000 
19-12-2017Blessing ChaerukaNot Fast But FuriousGenerations Of Miracle 4204 17,3111,160,000 
19-12-2017Douglas ReadNot Fast But FuriousAhsanmanzar Axes 20,7514,810,100 
19-12-2017Abhoy AcharjeeNot Fast But FuriousDeactivated team 12,091530,000 
19-12-2017Henrichs MadhiriNot Fast But FuriousDeactivated team 18,4112,146,600 
07-12-2017Sulabh HemrajaniArmy AntNot Fast But Furious 101,78021,789,000 
28-11-2017Chris DuminyNot Fast But FuriousFC BARCELONA X1 19,5238,273,100 
09-11-2017Zulqarnain BrahuiNot Fast But FuriousNarayana Nightriders 19,492604,800 
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