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Transfer History

Players bought: 169
Players sold: 187
Total purchases: Rs 3,387,244,835
Total sales: Rs 3,630,156,527
Displaying 1-20 of 327 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
26-03-2018Rohil JainSachin The Cricket KingDeactivated team 22,4272,163,000 
26-03-2018Madhup SaxenaSachin The Cricket KingNila Shooters 34,2534,200,000 
26-03-2018Kelvin Fullermahi the captain coolSachin The Cricket King 185,33251,000,000 
24-03-2018Sharad Namputirimahi the captain coolSachin The Cricket King 103,52044,000,000 
24-03-2018Akshay PrabhakarSachin The Cricket KingDeactivated team 207,34745,000,000 
23-03-2018Krishnadasa KumarSachin The Cricket KingPak Sindh 21,8044,085,000 
22-03-2018Todd MartynSachin The Cricket KingYAM DASHERS 85,09525,750,000 
26-02-2018Victor MoodyRoxx XISachin The Cricket King 8,669420,000 
25-02-2018Akshay Prabhakarmahi the captain coolSachin The Cricket King 233,32662,000,000 
25-02-2018Nikin Jaipuriamahi the captain coolSachin The Cricket King 11,4641,236,000 
24-02-2018Trevor BoultSachin The Cricket KingSatyam's Smashers 63,65821,206,500 
23-02-2018Pranab MaheshwariSachin The Cricket Kingsol survivors 179,23034,049,700 
12-02-2018Mansoor KhanSachin The Cricket Kingmahi the captain cool 82,73519,664,300 
10-02-2018Trevor BoultRadiant RavenousSachin The Cricket King 64,90222,612,800 
10-02-2018Mansoor KhanDeadly KnightsSachin The Cricket King 82,73532,100,000 
09-02-2018Leon GrantSachin The Cricket KingAbhra Amazers 96,75024,238,500 
08-02-2018Rohil JainDeactivated teamSachin The Cricket King 22,4274,000,000 
08-02-2018Abhishek KapurDeactivated teamSachin The Cricket King 11,9841,000,000 
08-02-2018Denis BryanDeactivated teamSachin The Cricket King 15,6611,200,000 
01-02-2018Todd MartynSachin The Cricket KingSachin The Cricket King 93,92243,057,800 
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