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Transfer History

Players bought: 63
Players sold: 131
Total purchases: Rs 624,719,520
Total sales: Rs 602,789,448
Displaying 81-100 of 187 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
17-01-2019Ahendranath PhookanSaral Super FiresDeactivated team 2,295390,000 
22-12-2018Yathartha PatelKleem BubblejetsSaral Super Fires 39,98615,800,000 
20-12-2018Abhishek AroraSaral Super FiresManisha Raiders 13,7342,310,000 
16-12-2018Dipendu UdayakumarSaral Super FiresRavishing Willows 12,88133,947,900 
16-12-2018Karthikeyan VaradharajanSaral Super FiresDeactivated team 14,3342,000,000 
16-12-2018Matthew AngelSaral Super FiresReeth Rams 35,5125,000,000 
16-12-2018Shahid HesbaniSaral Super FiresYadav Virals 17,6792,000,000 
16-12-2018Harender BhattSaral Super FiresYadav Virals 7,998468,000 
08-12-2018Kiran PatelSaral Super FiresYadav Virals 12,4311,814,200 
22-11-2018Palaniappan PandaSaral Super FiresYadav Virals 13,6864,000,000 
22-11-2018Arnav PatelSaral Super FiresManisha Raiders 30,2749,787,200 
21-11-2018Sridhar PrinceNKs SupergiantsSaral Super Fires 40,63210,027,200 
12-11-2018Quinton ThomasSaral Super FiresYadav Virals 59,38213,705,600 
11-11-2018Sayan JalanSonanuj SuperkingsSaral Super Fires 62,16914,000,000 
09-11-2018Moin WaliSaral Super FiresYadav Virals 83,94415,636,600 
09-11-2018Pradyut AshokanSaral Super FiresYadav Virals 44,32914,314,800 
09-11-2018Palaniappan PandaDarehuntersSaral Super Fires 13,6861,318,400 
09-11-2018Saman KapugedraYadav ViralsSaral Super Fires 46,24315,500,000 
08-11-2018Shahid HesbaniPower Stars 1408Saral Super Fires 16,9992,500,000 
07-11-2018Jack MaxwellSaral Super FiresYadav Virals 71,88632,080,000 
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