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Transfer History

Players bought: 63
Players sold: 131
Total purchases: Rs 624,719,520
Total sales: Rs 602,789,448
Displaying 21-40 of 187 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
19-09-2019Aditya KarthikSaral Super FiresDestructive Indians 62,80573,100,900 
18-09-2019Kiran MahlotraAmaravati Wings 3416Saral Super Fires 9,76010,196,200 
18-09-2019Kuberchand RameshRemo racersSaral Super Fires 185,13138,232,500 
14-09-2019Raghevendra MarigodarJassi JokersSaral Super Fires 25,6081,810,000 
19-08-2019Suuresh RainaAXM Cricket ClubSaral Super Fires 209,60933,883,000 
19-08-2019Shane NortonSaral Super FiresRohit Wings 4709 50,5365,464,800 
16-08-2019Ruchir DubeSaral Super FiresYadav Virals 12,5644,130,000 
15-08-2019Raghab RawatSaral Super FiresRohit Wings 4709 13,5232,710,000 
10-08-2019Aditya KarthikChejju UnRelentersSaral Super Fires 5,007795,700 
08-08-2019Sachin SharmaTamilan SeamersSaral Super Fires 14,50912,677,500 
08-08-2019Pedro BaptisteSaral Super FiresManisha Raiders 45,74310,000,000 
30-07-2019Bawthis FalcaoSaral Super FiresSarfaraz Zoners 68,3172,724,100 
28-07-2019Gordon SmithSaral Super FiresDeep Kings 25,6082,086,900 
28-07-2019Hugh AckermannSaral Super FiresYadav Virals 13,5142,310,000 
26-07-2019Gautam KamarapuTamil King'sSaral Super Fires 137,32234,892,100 
23-07-2019Sachveer ChopraSaral Super FiresManisha Raiders 25,6091,580,000 
23-07-2019Adithya ThakurSaral Super FiresBhavna Keypunchers 12,7547,330,000 
14-07-2019Yathartha PatelSaral Super FiresYadav Virals 66,33318,220,000 
14-07-2019Sayan JalanSaral Super FiresManisha Raiders 76,7335,650,000 
01-07-2019Harshal GoyalSaral Super FiresBhavna Keypunchers 13,7861,850,000 
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