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Transfer History

Players bought: 63
Players sold: 131
Total purchases: Rs 624,719,520
Total sales: Rs 602,789,448
Displaying 181-187 of 187 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
23-05-2018Edwin SampathSaral Super FiresSaral Super Fires 2,29750,000 
23-05-2018Agrim ParamasivamSaral Super FiresSaral Super Fires 2,99950,000 
23-05-2018Abhishek BukpiSaral Super FiresSaral Super Fires 2,83590,000 
23-05-2018Gopi VandhiyathevanIndianaJonesSaral Super Fires 11,691514,200 
22-05-2018Monish KanikkarSaral Super FiresSaral Super Fires 1,27730,000 
22-05-2018Bawthis BarretoSaral Super FiresSaral Super Fires 90610,000 
21-05-2018Satyen Siddhantpottugadu43Saral Super Fires 4,609587,800 
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