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Transfer History

Players bought: 344
Players sold: 158
Total purchases: Rs 1,965,350,180
Total sales: Rs 2,684,183,361
Displaying 1-20 of 501 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
11-02-2019Wayne KabuDhedhi XIBALL BUSTERS XI 98,06580,000,000 
07-02-2019Kaartikay KapoorBALL BUSTERS XISimmering Underdog 172,04694,379,200 
31-01-2019Henry CarnegieBALL BUSTERS XILegendary Tales 160,37486,248,800 
11-01-2019Peter SolomonSanfaz XIBALL BUSTERS XI 9,81540,000 
11-01-2019Russell JacobSanfaz XIBALL BUSTERS XI 7,79815,000 
11-01-2019Ajit MongiaRambo Cricket TeamBALL BUSTERS XI 8,51930,000 
25-12-2018Yuvraaaj SinghBALL BUSTERS XIBLINK 167,434129,344,300 
25-12-2018Nicolas ThorpeBALL BUSTERS XIAllengeorge999 XI 164,11995,040,000 
20-12-2018Reginald LaurantusBALL BUSTERS XICcb Comets 242,61945,876,200 
20-12-2018Abhijeet KotokiBALL BUSTERS XISUNRISERS'''' 156,66936,990,000 
12-12-2018Reginald LaurantusDragonites 11BALL BUSTERS XI 249,79295,100,000 
03-12-2018Abhijeet KotokiAssKickers X1BALL BUSTERS XI 156,66985,000,000 
29-11-2018Saklain FazalMumbai Indians 01BALL BUSTERS XI 62010,300 
18-11-2018Tahir GulBALL BUSTERS XIFINANCIAL HUB 152,439113,207,600 
14-11-2018Viraaat KohliBALL BUSTERS XIDELHI DYNAMITE 169,481126,968,900 
10-11-2018Pranab PujariIndian Cricket LegendsBALL BUSTERS XI 2,03030,900 
10-11-2018Shannon McDonaldIndian Cricket LegendsBALL BUSTERS XI 1,00420,000 
25-07-2018Anshul MadhavLeesportsBALL BUSTERS XI 7695,000 
04-07-2018Chintan VarteBALL BUSTERS XIDASHING DOLPHINS X1 191,75141,200,000 
04-07-2018Prabath AhangamaBALL BUSTERS XIIndian Gunners 162,62930,000,000 
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