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Transfer History

Players bought: 96
Players sold: 101
Total purchases: Rs 785,306,956
Total sales: Rs 920,752,140
Displaying 161-180 of 197 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
18-09-2014Douglas FlemingV ALL ROUNDERSyorKing 10,62610,000 
01-09-2014Vijay AppaniV ALL ROUNDERSSIX HUNTERS 18,480285,600 
26-08-2014Nilay DoshiV ALL ROUNDERSMoNsTeR ArMy 10,604500,000 
24-08-2014Sulaiman NeysmithV ALL ROUNDERSThe Phoenix Force 15,414520,200 
20-08-2014Colin RoseDeactivated teamV ALL ROUNDERS 33,1974,400,000 
24-07-2014Dipanjan MadanV ALL ROUNDERSRCBXI 11,13574,400 
23-07-2014Sanjay PeriyasamySPARTANZ XIV ALL ROUNDERS 18,0052,000,000 
08-07-2014Sulaiman NeysmithSachin ManiV ALL ROUNDERS 15,414338,100 
03-07-2014Kuldeep GoelV ALL ROUNDERSChennai Rascalas 6,38251,000 
30-06-2014Joshua WatlingG9 MutationV ALL ROUNDERS 17,917826,200 
23-06-2014Lalleshvari KohliV ALL ROUNDERSsuperking's 7,534300,000 
22-06-2014Abhinanda GuptaV ALL ROUNDERSPiratesXI 10,934499,800 
21-06-2014Joey BageFire BallsV ALL ROUNDERS 17,483800,000 
19-06-2014Nilay DoshiDEADMENV ALL ROUNDERS 10,604400,000 
16-06-2014Tom HoggV ALL ROUNDERSPeaceFighter 15,656251,900 
16-06-2014Iman KhanV ALL ROUNDERSlos blancos11 15,853141,300 
13-06-2014Narain GoyalV ALL ROUNDERSDeactivated team 6,99810,200 
12-06-2014Manik KarthaV ALL ROUNDERSDeactivated team 12,72350,500 
08-06-2014Carl BaddeleyV ALL ROUNDERSCaptain Cool Champs 5,991530,700 
27-05-2014Shiva ChakrabortiV ALL ROUNDERSsHinInG HeMaN'S 6,986498,700 
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