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Transfer History

Players bought: 96
Players sold: 101
Total purchases: Rs 785,306,956
Total sales: Rs 920,752,140
Displaying 141-160 of 197 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
25-02-2015Thushita UdariCrakusV ALL ROUNDERS 33,3863,300,000 
30-01-2015Chandika ChamaraV ALL ROUNDERSSANDYE ROKZZ 30,067728,300 
29-01-2015Upeksha WeerakoonMalik XIV ALL ROUNDERS 18,4622,900,000 
18-01-2015Sanjay AroraV ALL ROUNDERSCrystal n Acid 13,9832,500,000 
12-01-2015Braj MongiaV ALL ROUNDERSPRAT KNIGHTS 12,796300,000 
23-12-2014Jason AdamsCavaliersV ALL ROUNDERS 35,3393,800,000 
23-12-2014Colin RoseV ALL ROUNDERSvenki warriors23 34,3912,000,000 
03-12-2014Chandika ChamaraDeactivated teamV ALL ROUNDERS 30,0672,500,000 
03-12-2014Matsendra NayarV ALL ROUNDERSDeactivated team 20,77410,000 
28-11-2014Jayanshu ManhasV ALL ROUNDERSDeactivated team 19,4071,200,000 
18-11-2014Rajitha SahaniV ALL ROUNDERSHorsemen from Hell 22,253300,000 
15-11-2014John DuncanDeactivated teamV ALL ROUNDERS 44,5383,000,000 
04-11-2014Thashmila ChannaV ALL ROUNDERSRahul Royals 14,7912,000,000 
25-10-2014Paramdev GrewalDiE MannSchafTV ALL ROUNDERS 28,0988,900,000 
20-10-2014Aruna IreshaV ALL ROUNDERSChennai CityGangster 20,47412,444,000 
03-10-2014Jack JarmanV ALL ROUNDERSinazuma rohith 22,186500,000 
01-10-2014Abhishek KumarV ALL ROUNDERSDeactivated team 12,4061,000,000 
30-09-2014Kanav GovindasamiAssassin's XIV ALL ROUNDERS 12,0131,200,000 
28-09-2014Abhishek KumarHyderabad Red BacksV ALL ROUNDERS 12,4061,000,000 
24-09-2014Hussein HafeezV ALL ROUNDERSThe Devil's Killer 23,134200,000 
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