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Transfer History

Players bought: 96
Players sold: 101
Total purchases: Rs 785,306,956
Total sales: Rs 920,752,140
Displaying 81-100 of 197 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
20-06-2016Sumeet VermaV ALL ROUNDERSAjan's Bulldozers 19,6717,436,700 
17-06-2016Lewis TrottV ALL ROUNDERSIndian Buccaneer 19,66510,000,000 
17-06-2016Humayun SajjadCricket Ke BadshahV ALL ROUNDERS 22,94549,735,500 
17-06-2016Sylvester LindoLAST CHANCEV ALL ROUNDERS 17,7436,120,000 
16-06-2016Wayne WoodsV ALL ROUNDERSStompy Troops 18,70711,200,000 
16-06-2016Allan ZoxV ALL ROUNDERSBlazing EagleZ 18,5112,000,000 
15-06-2016Bhaargav ChundiV ALL ROUNDERSOfficial Team 40,87517,686,800 
15-06-2016Chandrayan GargV ALL ROUNDERStamilnadu king xi 36,7696,500,000 
15-06-2016Kashyap TrivediV ALL ROUNDERSArmy Ant 152,17466,624,100 
14-06-2016Kanav GovindasamiV ALL ROUNDERSGUARDIANS OF GALAXY 154,81358,679,500 
14-06-2016Waqar ButtV ALL ROUNDERSStormShadow 148,73947,049,100 
14-06-2016Saiyid RafikPALNADU FIGHTERSV ALL ROUNDERS 20,30920,400,000 
12-06-2016Zafar MiandadInsane HeroesV ALL ROUNDERS 25,33030,000,000 
12-06-2016Lalithamana AbeyrathneV ALL ROUNDERSSugu Chum XI 55,74244,189,100 
12-06-2016Sumeet VermaRocky RockersV ALL ROUNDERS 19,67125,000,000 
12-06-2016Lewis TrottBig Hitter XIV ALL ROUNDERS 19,66520,425,800 
11-06-2016Wayne WoodsRing MasterV ALL ROUNDERS 18,70713,795,800 
11-06-2016Frank VaughDhoni Blasters 335047V ALL ROUNDERS 25,98246,693,200 
20-05-2016Chandrayan GargRCG XIV ALL ROUNDERS 36,76910,371,700 
08-05-2016Baqar RaufMechanized BrigadeV ALL ROUNDERS 59,93720,808,000 
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