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Transfer History

Players bought: 96
Players sold: 101
Total purchases: Rs 785,306,956
Total sales: Rs 920,752,140
Displaying 181-197 of 197 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
26-05-2014Vijay AppaniDeactivated teamV ALL ROUNDERS 18,4801,600,000 
20-05-2014Lester HamptonV ALL ROUNDERSseekers 18,75910,500 
17-05-2014Dipanjan MadanMumbai FreeRidersV ALL ROUNDERS 11,135300,000 
17-05-2014Manik KarthaGREAT NKV ALL ROUNDERS 11,303400,000 
14-05-2014Matsendra NayarJaDDu RhiNoSV ALL ROUNDERS 20,774320,000 
11-05-2014Tom HoggDeactivated teamV ALL ROUNDERS 15,226183,800 
10-05-2014Faruq QureshiV ALL ROUNDERSDangerous D 13,493566,900 
09-05-2014Amit JoshiV ALL ROUNDERSCrowchies Cannibals 8,30512,600 
30-04-2014Brij SaxenaV ALL ROUNDERSChelsea HW Club 5,525234,800 
23-04-2014Gurjeet KharoudV ALL ROUNDERSDeactivated team 6,626414,400 
10-04-2014Gurjeet KharoudFlash 11V ALL ROUNDERS 6,626102,000 
09-04-2014Nadir SajjadV ALL ROUNDERSADR challengers 15,141156,100 
08-04-2014Hasan FazalV ALL ROUNDERSMinors 11,303223,200 
06-04-2014Faruq QureshiWHITE PAGODAV ALL ROUNDERS 13,259185,800 
06-04-2014Nadir SajjadDonnie DarkoV ALL ROUNDERS 15,375300,000 
06-04-2014Iman KhanDeactivated teamV ALL ROUNDERS 13,796115,200 
27-03-2014Rohit PulikkottilMillionareV ALL ROUNDERS 10,892600,000 
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