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Transfer History

Players bought: 96
Players sold: 101
Total purchases: Rs 785,306,956
Total sales: Rs 920,752,140
Displaying 1-20 of 197 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
11-05-2018Isuru MendisV ALL ROUNDERSCaptain Cool Champs 11,2551,000,000 
10-05-2018Marshall MoutonHITWICKET PLAYING XIV ALL ROUNDERS 20,6686,770,000 
10-05-2018Abhishek KumarIndia 5281V ALL ROUNDERS 26,4512,930,000 
30-04-2018Donald ClarkeV ALL ROUNDERSTamil Thalaivas 8707 28,7178,234,300 
28-04-2018Ziaur KardarKings XI KhulnaV ALL ROUNDERS 20,3892,215,200 
27-04-2018Kissinger BrownAPJ VictorsV ALL ROUNDERS 23,0975,706,200 
25-04-2018Misbah TanvirV ALL ROUNDERSJUST LISTEN 10,456412,000 
22-04-2018Jinu PauloseV ALL ROUNDERSchannai superkings 27,3903,914,600 
16-04-2018Naumaan FaraswamiRicky Rangers 5303V ALL ROUNDERS 22,3421,660,000 
15-04-2018Sumeet GuptaMaha MastersV ALL ROUNDERS 30,8863,597,900 
15-04-2018Yuvraj RainaV ALL ROUNDERSEnemies of the Ball 43,74132,413,200 
15-04-2018Susil KumaraKnight Riders 007V ALL ROUNDERS 5,263741,600 
15-04-2018Avdhut DasDeactivated teamV ALL ROUNDERS 37,7118,332,700 
14-04-2018Satyajeet PathakDeactivated teamV ALL ROUNDERS 29,7704,917,400 
13-04-2018Boeta ZondiDebdeep XI 9555V ALL ROUNDERS 25,7622,900,000 
12-04-2018Sebastian JarvisDARING WARRIORSV ALL ROUNDERS 66,38245,809,700 
10-04-2018Yuvraj Rainablitz kriegV ALL ROUNDERS 39,94823,000,000 
10-04-2018Shoiab AliV ALL ROUNDERSROWDIES with the bat 288,96251,224,300 
10-04-2018Wayne MgajiThe Storm RidersV ALL ROUNDERS 78,06275,154,600 
09-04-2018Bhoothanatha Yadav12 angry menV ALL ROUNDERS 22,7523,914,000 
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