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Transfer History

Players bought: 133
Players sold: 178
Total purchases: Rs 2,723,182,530
Total sales: Rs 2,879,376,080
Displaying 301-309 of 309 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
02-12-2013Sanjeev NarayanMOTIHARI SUNRISERSSpecial Eleven 1,708306,000 
02-12-2013Andy WhiteDisruptive DonKeys Special Eleven 1,208520,200 
29-11-2013Nirvair DeolXperienced KillerzzzSpecial Eleven 2,318420,000 
29-11-2013Samrat HanumanthuGround ZeroSpecial Eleven 1,779100,000 
29-11-2013Baalagopaal CherukuriDhillu DadasSpecial Eleven 2,65226,700 
28-11-2013Bipak ChaturvediDeactivated teamSpecial Eleven 2,19910,000 
28-11-2013Amit ShekarDeactivated teamSpecial Eleven 4,069714,200 
18-11-2013Pulkit DoshiSpecial ElevenKashmir Gladiators 7,4172,500,000 
06-10-2013Freddie DartnellSpecial ElevenMuzik B3atz 2,56228,600 
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