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Transfer History

Players bought: 149
Players sold: 155
Total purchases: Rs 584,107,528
Total sales: Rs 508,978,980
Displaying 81-100 of 302 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
17-11-2017Bhaargav AnanduRevanthkumar RivalsRookie of the Year 20,6801,404,200 
17-11-2017Daniel PatrickBlack Cobras007Rookie of the Year 13,521376,000 
11-11-2017Fakhruddin MasoodRookie of the YearShan Shooters 19,6622,764,300 
07-11-2017Dickon WyattHuntys HulksRookie of the Year 25,6823,182,700 
06-11-2017Stephen WalmsleySymoRookie of the Year 20,7263,825,000 
04-11-2017Kartik DesaiRookie of the Yearmahi the captain cool 22,4711,000,000 
12-10-2017Narender ChowdaryRookie of the YearUp India 5101 13,6451,172,300 
10-10-2017Mohsin NasimRookie of the YearEngland blasters 40,47416,276,300 
07-10-2017Alvin LaurensRookie of the YearDeactivated team 24,1168,000,000 
04-10-2017Kishore PailaR S GRookie of the Year 21,1605,304,500 
04-10-2017Babr WazirDeactivated teamRookie of the Year 15,1461,797,700 
04-10-2017Kartik DesaiRAJAGOSAVIXIRookie of the Year 21,5832,884,000 
03-10-2017Aravind KandiyarRookie of the YearBlack Panthers 7261 14,0041,545,000 
02-10-2017Fakhruddin Masoodpakhtun tiger 464Rookie of the Year 18,7443,059,800 
01-10-2017Cedric AndersonRookie of the YearAshutosh Blasters 17,0622,746,600 
01-10-2017Haashim AmlaRookie of the YearMohd Mortars 6014 14,4222,337,000 
28-09-2017Haashim AmlaKunal Knights 2205Rookie of the Year 14,4221,447,200 
27-09-2017Inzamam TasawwarRookie of the YearAkshay Devils 22,2022,163,000 
27-09-2017Siddhant ArambamRookie of the YearSuman Arora 23,2432,987,000 
27-09-2017Shahbaz SyedAamir Assaulters 2133Rookie of the Year 24,9377,800,000 
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