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Transfer History

Players bought: 149
Players sold: 155
Total purchases: Rs 584,107,528
Total sales: Rs 508,978,980
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
18-04-2018Carrig HallRookie of the YearKings Beat On his Feet 11,9284,200,000 
17-04-2018Faf PetersonODISHA CHALLENGERSRookie of the Year 41,5128,027,800 
06-04-2018Shahbaz SyedRookie of the YearHACKER 42,79411,000,000 
04-04-2018Mohan AhujaPRAGMATIC 11 TEAMRookie of the Year 39,53521,609,900 
04-04-2018Udgam BatsayalRookie of the YearHACKER 30,36719,000,000 
04-04-2018Upendra KhandelwalRookie of the YearIndia United 9,8894,120,000 
29-03-2018Sarar AliRookie of the YearHACKER 105,66540,000,000 
27-03-2018Indranil BorooahKleinmond CcRookie of the Year 25,26311,028,500 
26-03-2018Gordon KingsfordRoyal Tuskers KeralaRookie of the Year 47,42832,000,000 
26-03-2018Vimal SinghRookie of the YearHr Marvels 17,9055,688,200 
24-03-2018Carl JacobRookie of the YearSiri Sliders 45,81413,868,500 
24-03-2018Ryna GuptaRookie of the YearKings Beat On his Feet 68,29023,122,900 
24-03-2018Udgam BatsayalRookie of the YearRookie of the Year 28,99913,276,700 
23-03-2018Nicolas JohnsonTahiriansRookie of the Year 50,61239,600,000 
14-03-2018Udgam BatsayalSpydr45hbRookie of the Year 23,8929,081,500 
13-03-2018Vimal SinghHACKERRookie of the Year 16,7454,243,600 
13-03-2018Stanley GetherRoyal Challengers 5099Rookie of the Year 36,37021,655,000 
10-03-2018Narsingh TrocardRookie of the YearPratham Pythons 8933 53,02915,964,100 
05-03-2018Shravan KunjuRookie of the YearHACKER 8,4761,850,000 
05-03-2018Noor HridoyRookie of the YearHACKER 15,3932,100,000 
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