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Transfer History

Players bought: 31
Players sold: 17
Total purchases: Rs 137,477,700
Total sales: Rs 163,339,700
Displaying 1-20 of 48 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
21-04-2019Ajinkya BhattTanu XIRespect Indian Army 27,75814,711,400 
15-03-2019Ajinkya Bhattdream too winTanu XI 22,66351,923,100 
07-01-2019Haresh KhandelwalSharath Super StrikersTanu XI 13,9942,440,000 
07-01-2019Rajat GuptaSharath Super StrikersTanu XI 13,9241,480,000 
07-01-2019Shubhang SavapanditSharath Super StrikersTanu XI 14,1701,320,000 
07-01-2019Faisal AmiriSharath Super StrikersTanu XI 14,0931,040,000 
07-01-2019Chandran KhandelwalSharath Super StrikersTanu XI 25,608700,000 
07-01-2019Chris ButlerSharath Super StrikersTanu XI 18,7002,100,000 
07-01-2019Donald DarrellSharath Super StrikersTanu XI 11,6342,080,000 
07-01-2019Rajesh KurupSharath Super StrikersTanu XI 10,709700,000 
07-01-2019Gopan KurupSharath Super StrikersTanu XI 13,4542,170,000 
07-01-2019Tino WatsonSharath Super StrikersTanu XI 13,3372,170,000 
07-01-2019Dayaakar NutulapatiSharath Super StrikersTanu XI 11,9561,740,000 
31-12-2018Alvitigala AnuradhaSharath Super StrikersTanu XI 81,05330,000,000 
30-12-2018Douglas FalloonTanu XIIslamabad Smashers 53,75220,313,600 
30-12-2018Ian MirandaTanu XIAB Kings 41,98511,441,700 
28-12-2018Prithvi GondkarSharath Super StrikersTanu XI 12,4912,764,700 
27-12-2018Hanumant SharmaTanu XILEADERS OF THE PIONEERS 78,83915,450,000 
27-12-2018Munasinghagedera VimukthiTanu XIgiant knockers 95,08720,000,000 
27-12-2018Viren PokalTanu XIChampions Of Jd 71,39033,784,200 
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