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Transfer History

Players bought: 41
Players sold: 74
Total purchases: Rs 1,174,956,099
Total sales: Rs 1,273,093,780
Displaying 1-20 of 115 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
18-09-2019Devendra GuptaKeep Calm and Hold OnNadal XI 285,82833,355,800 
17-09-2019Baalaraju MunnangiKeep Calm and Hold OnAthillo 89,84019,150,000 
06-07-2019Mrunal ThakurPlay Boys PradiseKeep Calm and Hold On 71,19412,000,000 
06-07-2019Baalaraju MunnangiPlay Boys PradiseKeep Calm and Hold On 89,84066,050,000 
04-07-2019Donald RoseNellore Mega StarsKeep Calm and Hold On 94,63535,170,000 
08-06-2019Luke JulianKeep Calm and Hold Onhardy boyz 86,47161,851,100 
08-06-2019Wilf AlfredKeep Calm and Hold OnNoida Blaster 25 Team 131,00612,881,100 
12-05-2019Iman MiaKeep Calm and Hold OnDrakula warriors 76,73427,470,580 
04-05-2019Luke JulianNellore cricket clubKeep Calm and Hold On 67,80361,267,200 
05-04-2019Wilf AlfredWINGS Keep Calm and Hold On 164,83148,000,000 
31-03-2019Rathik RoutrayKeep Calm and Hold OnRogues XI 171,55044,744,200 
06-03-2019James BondKeep Calm and Hold Onsons of india 155,08830,375,800 
24-02-2019Devendra GuptaMaGiCaL MoNsTeRKeep Calm and Hold On 267,246160,000,000 
16-02-2019Rathik RoutrayLyari XIKeep Calm and Hold On 171,55072,494,600 
16-02-2019Arpan JaiswalKeep Calm and Hold OnTHULASI Knight Riders 215,87436,300,000 
14-02-2019James BondNorthern TitansKeep Calm and Hold On 169,47844,000,000 
09-02-2019Iman MiaDeccan Chargers 007Keep Calm and Hold On 68,37161,580,000 
17-12-2018Arpan JaiswalNellore cricket clubKeep Calm and Hold On 283,56189,380,999 
05-09-2018Lawton KapriceKeep Calm and Hold OnSuper Strikers 4712 59,69615,556,200 
04-09-2018Surya ValodiKeep Calm and Hold OnTeam Survivor 59,67923,690,000 
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