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Transfer History

Players bought: 48
Players sold: 80
Total purchases: Rs 447,717,000
Total sales: Rs 1,501,573,266
Displaying 1-20 of 125 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
22-07-2018Gobinda GoyalTeam Bring ItRudimo 157,068125,375,700 
22-07-2018Jacques ElgarTeam Bring ItFearless Fighters 001 141,48090,756,300 
21-07-2018Kevin FlintoffTeam Bring ItPrash Challengers XI 146,337122,883,200 
21-07-2018Victor TamboTeam Bring ItTeam Invincible 90,34250,740,700 
20-07-2018Shoiab HussainTeam Bring ItSandnocturnals Suns 137,74826,300,100 
20-07-2018Kamadev PenkarTeam Bring ItSKS 160,99236,570,500 
20-07-2018Devpad DixonTeam Bring ItRed Streak 159,34093,871,100 
20-07-2018Karan MishraTeam Bring ItTHE SPECIAL ONE 97,87548,484,300 
20-07-2018Quinton DuminyTeam Bring ItRight Arm Lollip0p 203,99750,470,000 
20-07-2018Horace DarkTeam Bring ItBaloch Tigers 222,77234,252,000 
19-07-2018Frank StewartThe Night Riders 5319Team Bring It 9235,000 
19-07-2018Harshad DangeDaSTaR HQTeam Bring It 1,56710,000 
19-07-2018Lawton BaptistShield UnitedTeam Bring It 1,50210,000 
18-07-2018Yasir MalikZero sleaze only peasTeam Bring It 1,17910,000 
17-07-2018Vimal AgarwalTEAM UNITYTeam Bring It 72110,000 
17-07-2018Austen McMohanTEAM UNITYTeam Bring It 63510,000 
17-07-2018Chintan JoshiUk Tigers 7408Team Bring It 1,04010,000 
17-07-2018Gunalan AriyawansaBE SMARTTeam Bring It 1,25610,000 
24-11-2017Alister WardTeam Bring ItDeactivated team 154,28088,674,200 
16-11-2017Afzal BahadurTeam Bring ItSeven 19,3374,371,000 
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