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Golden Crackers - A Team since 2014

Welcome you all to this hitwicket!!!

Here we are celebrating the world's best cricket management game which builts our management skills that would teach us where to step in and where to step out.  A patience in player transfering in and out.   Moreover the best thing is training, here we could not do train for all player at a single.  So it makes us prefer the things.  If you are ready there, i can speak this for whole day also.  But here am being for sharing my Hitwicket Experience.

Eventhough I have been here since 2014, For the last three years i was inactive in the game.  If i could have chance to get my past years, definety now i would become a titan manager.  In the meanwhile, Hitwicket has develop in a very big manner its unimaginable. 

Make your player's growth should be in such linear manner with respect to time.  Why because Hitwicket considering actual 70 days for us is a complete year for our team player.  So in this time period, we could have train our player in a decent manner.

Best thing you can do is consider any one of training and  continue that for a six to ten month's.  Then you can able to see your player's growing skill index might have increased.

Always focus on your young players, train them continuous for every week without fail.  Scout and train that player, then he would be very thankful for your team.

My perspectve on team selection:

Captain: Always choosing high experienced player rather than choosing a high aged or high skill index player

Wk Keeper: High positioned Wicket keeper. This you can sort from your player list.

Team selection:

Criteria 1: 5 Batsman + 1 WK Batsman + 5 Bowlers

Criteria 2: 5 Batsman + 1 WK Batsman + 1 Bowling All-rounder + 4 Bowlers

Criteria 3: 4 Batsman + 1 WK Batsman + 1 Batting All-rounder + 5 Bowlers

Criteria 4:  I am recommended to use maximum 7 players in batting / bowling only if your player is highly skilled.

My Best Squad / Dream Team from the list of my past player:

Shahid Qadir                 -      like Virendar Shewag

Hanif Khan                     -      like Brian Lara

Stephen Gertude           -      like Sourav Ganguly

Aaron Sharma               -      like Ricky Ponting

Virat Kohali (WK) & (C)  -      like MS Dhoni

Yudhishthar Waghmare -      like AB Devilliers

Aidan Rebbeck              -      Bret Lee of my team

Sudar Ponna                 -      Jasprit Bumra of my team

Jalal Afridi                     -       Lasith Malinga of my team

Hyat Tariq                     -       Jofra Archer of my team

Horace Johnson           -        Kemar Roach of my team

Thank you guys!!  Will see you in another press release.




  Founder - Golden Crackers (Hitwicket team)