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press release


Tough road ahead

Dear fans,

As promised we have managed to ace the league in div 5 and now will be playing in the big leagues of Div 4. The matches, the players, the intensity will not be the same as before, it will be tougher. In such a time it is important for the team not to get intimidated by the sheer level of talent they will be playing against and to keep calm and keep doing what they have been doing i.e winning. 
During the later part of last season, there have been some changes in the team especially in the bowling department. Some new faces have been brought into the fold to handle the pressure of facing tough oppositions. And some more changes will take place. Couple of seasons back, we wanted the power of youth to drive this team and they did. Now they have become older and its time to bring in fresh blood into the team once again. So it is possible that in the process we may end up losing a few matches but I want to assure our fans that even if it comes to that, we will go down fighting.
In the end I would urge all you fans to keep coming out in huge numbers and keep filling up our stadium and in return I promise you that we will showcase some high quality cricket for you guys.

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Harish Gopal (Marauding Brawnies)
Kitna type karta hai be :D :D Good one
103 months ago
Sridhar Rao (The Lie Lamas)
Abe mujhe to yehi chota lag raha tha :)
103 months ago
Lakshmi Gunupudi (Made In Andhra)
good press release
84 months ago
Akhil Akki (Kochin Tuskers)
you have such strong bowling lineup...... my batsmen who used to score 100's in regular intervals are struggling to score 10+ runs...... Anyways I have to train them more in order to set a decent target against your team in future....
84 months ago