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Season 34 Awards

A new height has been reached at Stoffels Giants. We have achieved the promotion to Division IV. It is a remarkable achievement. The way we dominated this league as well means so much and we can take the confidence into the new season and new division.

The way we got there was incredible. Outshined by 2 batsmen and 2 bowlers. But it would not have been possible without the whole team playing as a unit and backing up each other.

If we start with the batsmen. Salman Nadeem once again showed his class and experience to get the best batsman award.
Best batsman:
Salman Nadeem: 1730 Runs, 13 NO, Avg. 346, SR 221.23, HS 175*, 100s 10, 50s 3. 
Arthur Warrington: 1382 Runs, 11 NO, Avg. 230.33, SR 204.74, HS 166*, 100s 7, 50s 4.

From our bowling unit. Our opening bowlers ripped through the lineup early. They share the spoils in the best bowling category and it is evident in that out of the 176 wickets taken by the team, they took 116 wickets. Joshua Lavater must also be honoured for his ability to close things off in the middle overs.
Best bowlers:
Ijaz Fazal: Wkts 58, Maid 6, Runs 279, Avg. 4.81, Econ. 4.03, SR 7.16, BBI 6/21
Sushant Laitonjam: Wks 58, Maid 2, Runs 389, Avg. 6.71, Econ. 5.61, SR 7.17, BBI 7/24
Joshua Lavater: Wkts 33, Maid 1, Runs 241, Avg. 7.30, Econ. 6.92, SR 6.33, BBI 7/22

It has been a remarkable season for the team. Getting over 200 in all, except 1, when batting all 20 overs and taking 176 wickets out of the possible 180. 

That wraps up this season. Catch all the action from Stoffels Giants in season 35 from Monday the 10 October 2018. Congratulations to all the players and coaching staff for all the hard work you have put in.
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