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Thanking You All

Hi Everyone


I won Three Premier Title as my Team Name - "The Chosen One" but now I changed my Team name & my New Team Name is "MaGiCaL MoNsTeR".


I don’t know how to start it. My goal was to win premier. But I had never think that I will win 3 consecutive times. It’s very special achievement for me. It was started when I was in division 5 (season 27), I planned everything, only I needed to execute it very well. I was searching an experienced manager who can help me and I got a man Rohit D’Souza (Asskickers X1), he helped me a lot. I don’t know how to thank him but without him I could not achieve it. I can never forget those days when I had feel nervous against any team he discussed everything with me and set my line-up also. A Special thanks to you my Bro Rohit D’Souza. Everything was going as my planned then I got a new friend Neil Howlett (Knoxfield Knockouts), according to me he is a best manager of Hitwicket Specially in strategy. He helped me a lot to achieve my goal successfully. When I realised that I had my players age is remaining so that I can win it again and I go for it and I did it again. Now I decided to take rest but then one of my friend suggest me to win it 3 time in a row to add a special achievement in my team and win it for Deadly5. Then I continue it and Neil helped me once again to make it Hat-trick. A special thanks also to you my Friend Neil Howlett. A Special Thank to my Mates of Deadly5. After Joining Deadly5 My works becomes easier. I am dedicating my 3rd Premier Title to Deadly5. Another big thanks to Smit Shah (Wings), without thanking him my speech will be incomplete. Whatever I wanted from him he gave me and never oppose me any single time. During this I won consecutive 144 league matches.


And last but not the least, I want to Thank you all guys Raisul, Jitu, Vishal, Azam, Daniel, Ajay, Pranav, Ramesh, Harish, Daniel, Vamshi, Srikant,Nabeel, Manikanta & sorry if I forget any names.


I can’t express how grateful I am that you all are my friend.



Thank You Everyone.

Thank You Hitwicket.

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