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Journey Till Season 32!!

"Time to Pass the Baton!" quoted E.Jain The Captain of Chak De 302 for what it seems like eternity. This came as a shock as he announced this right after achieving 500 wickets in league games which is a big achievement in HW world. No one in the current team is even in top 5 list. which means the record is gnna stay for very long time. 

" It is time to give chance to young members as they will bring fresh strategies and will help me focus more on my game" with this E.Jain who has captained the team for 155 games which is 8 and half League seasons. 

Team Management seemed little uneasy at this declaration from the veteran who has been spear head of team from so long. This was also hard as in recent two seasons team qualified for play offs which stats that team has been picking up its game and is ready for next league.In current season team won 5 games out of 6 and the only game they lost was when Captain E. Jain took rest.

H.Khror is the new choice as the young captain of the side. N.Legha, Y.Dalla, A.Grewal were also considered for the role but looking at the longer run it was decided that Khror would be the best choice. "I will try to do my best !" H.Khror addressed as he was surprised by the selection. 

Amidst all this S.Oliver another veteran of the team went past B.Kundu the all time highest run scorer for the Chak De 302.

E.Jain and S.Oliver both have crossed the 30 age marks which generally means retirement or change of club. Who knows when we suddenly see the two veterans bid farewell.

Changes are  inevitable and no one can control age!!
May the force be with us!
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