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It's 1 year !!!!!!!!

It's great to know that Prash Challengers have completed 1 year in Hitwicket. 
On this day we will be reviewing the performance and progress of the team. Also, we bring you the interview of team's manager Prashanth. 

 * The team is currently playing it's 6th season. 2 promotions but NO relegations yet.
 Currently in division 5. Have won 77 of 93 league matches. That accounts to whopping 82.79 W/L ratio. 

* Team has been active in the auction market. 
 Biggest buy so far : 3,23,40,800 
Biggest sale so far :1,13,22,000. 

 And.... Here is what the owner/manager got to say about the team. 
 -- Q- Interviewer --P : Prashanth -- 
 Q: You have completed a year in the game. Congratulations. How was the journey. 
 P : Thanks. It was good and entertaining. First few days were confusing and had lot to explore. But forum and the guide have helped me so that I can now say that I have clearly understood the game except match engine part :p 

Q: It's 6th season for u now and no relegations yet. What's ur say on it and what's your plans for next few seasons? 
P: Well... It's been not that difficult in leagues till now.. W/L ratio says it. But it's starting to throw some challenges in last few days. Still, it's going as expected and may be in next 2-3 seasons we will be in division 4 if everything goes right. 

 Q: what are the training plans?
 P: I have been a seam trainer till now and is not disappointed from the training point of view. Started as a 2* bowling attack and now we are 4* bowling team. But as every newbie does, I had made few mistakes in choosing the trainees. This set of players can't survive as we move up. So, we can expect an all-out sale after 2-3 seasons and we gonna start fresh. May be you can expect 1-2 relegation at that time. 

 Q: Anything on the changes in the game and to the devs .
 P: I am a musketeer.. so you can guess that devs are doing fine to make me stick to the game. I have completed all achievements too except road runner which will be completed it next few days. So m happy with game except new alliance concept.. Alliance 2.0 was better. They just had to concentrate on form issue. Hope they will bring it back.
 And yeah.. Thanks for gifting 2 credits :) 

 Q: Thanks for your time Prash. All the best , hope your plans work out well.
 P: Thanks buddy and I wanna thank our fans for supporting us throughout and being the inspiration. Thanks one and all.
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