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First to 10k!

AB Kings are happy to announce that Abhishek Mishra, who for a large part of this team's history has defined its success, has become the first individual on the team to make 10,000 career runs in season matches.  In addition, he has also scored over 5000 runs in friendly matches. While not comparing to other teams, AB Kings value this achievement as the first of its kind. Mishra had announced big plans early in his career and mentorship from Edmund Wixon and Jasleen Chopra, who were his opening partner and captain respectively for the first five seasons of his career, played a huge role in taking him where he is today. He has continued to captain the team since and though it now seems to be slowly transitioning younger talent into the role as he prepares for his final retirement. However, the day is still to come as in the match that took him to 10,000, Mishra scored a splendid 146*. His man-of-the-match performance was his 37th century and 39th MOTM award - both also the highest in the team. His closest competition on the team, former opening partner, Sajith Chamodi has 30 MOTM awards and being two years and no longer opening, it's unlikely Mishra will be surpassed anytime soon. We hope Mishra is able to make another few runs for the team before he hangs up his boots.