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Tripura under transition

Hello, everyone! Nice to see everyone getting into the WC fever. There have been many who have worked hard for their own regions and they know what it takes to build a mammoth team. Yes, we're talking of none other than an old friend, named Shahriar Parvez (Bangladesh). They started way back after the IC2, and look at where they are!

For Tripura, we had been doing the same since last one year, and now, we are happy to announce that we have reached the Transition Phase. We have built a camp comprising of no lesser than 145 players, and we ensure that each and every one of them are trained properly and competitively so as to ensure that we achieve our Big Tripura Dream.

Of course, there have been many who had posed many questions, and then there were and are a huge amount of people who had been mocking us for what we had done and still doing for our region. We do not feel the need to answer to all of them. However, we do urge them to verify our claims by themselves by looking at various posts in HitWicket Forum by our patrons. It is true that we are in the process of building a team which would be similar to, if not better, than a lot of teams in HitWicket WC.

But all of that, takes a lot of time. Just 1 year is not enough. Just 1 person is not enough. Just 1 patron is not enough. We are lucky to have the support of all Tripuris, and many others from different regions in HitWicket who believe in facts, who believe in the Truth, and who truly believe in Hard-work and passion. We are indebted to all of them in more than one way. Lastly, all that we bank on, is TRUST. We don't care about haters. But those who really trust and believe, need to be with us till the Ultimate goal is reached. The Goal of making Tripura one of the biggest superpowers in the entire HitWicket World Cup arena. Hence, this is a call to all of HitWicket, all managers who have Tripura players, to join us, and make our bench even stronger, for the next WC. Registrations for the next batch opens on 28th June:
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sutapa (Sutapa's lions)
We are always with Tripura. And that's why we are always with you. Your passion for a state team is worth a salute!
21 months ago
Thank you Sutapa.
20 months ago