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Division IV finally, but mighty tough

We toiled in Div V for 5 seasons, during which the Management had almost given up due to the slow and tedious nature of team growth in HW, especially for us neglected Batting Training Team.
However, we punched above our weight last season although we started off as a middle of the pack team in the league, but took a few teams by surprise and the form of our main player 'King Jabber' remained mostly Good and Superb. Before our opponents realized we had built a sizeable lead, and despite a mediocre back end performance we made it. Glad to be out of that hell hole that goes by the name of Div V, appreciate the patience of our Sher fanbase. Time for some Bhangra, food, Daaroo and all else Punjabi celebrations bring. On the house!!

Chak 66AZ is now a full fledged town ... combination of modernization and Bhangra on the Pitch team success.

However Div IV looks like a different beast altogether, we will struggle to avoid relegation, the aspiration for now is to somehow stay afloat, scrape through to #6 at the finish, but it ain't looking good.
Tis gonna be bloody tough. Even if we do drop back to the hell hole, we would have another season of training for our young lads and should be favoured to get back up. AND .. we would have gained some Div IV experience. Just hope we can avoid it though, and if we can't we sure would hope not to lose too many of the fans along the way.

We are still here to excite but the going is going to be rough over the next 9 weeks, hang tight. Enjoy the beverages on the house as well as the Tandoori goodies!

Bhangra on the Pitch Management
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