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Fan Club
What is Fan Club and what is it's importance?
- Fans join your team every week. The rate at which they join depends on your team's performances in the current season (wins, losses or ties) and also the Division in which the team is. Higher the wins and upper the divisions, better is the joining rate.
- These fans turn up for all your matches along with their families irrespective of how badly you are losing. But, if you perform well, then they will be able to convince more of their friends to attend your matches.
- Your fan club made up of your most hardcore fans, is very important for the long term economic health of your team.
- Fan Club size is a Huge factor in determining the Match attendance at your stadium (which determines the ticket sales for Home matches).
How to get fans?
I invited a friend in Hitwicket. But I din't get fans for it. What should I do?
I won my league matches but still my few fans left. Why?
How do I get more fans and how are they beneficial?