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Fan Club
What is Fan Club and what is it's importance?
How to get fans?
I invited a friend in Hitwicket. But I din't get fans for it. What should I do?
I won my league matches but still my few fans left. Why?
Every Division has a soft cap limit on the number of Fans. If your total fans count is more than this soft cap, there is a possibility that you will lose fans even if you win depending upon the gap between your fans and the Soft cap.
This is done to ensure managers do not stay down the Divisions for too long just to fetch fans. Teams are expected to manage their Fan Club with promotions effectively to get optimum results.
This situation is more common during the initial couple of weeks of a season as the number of matches played so far aren't enough to get a good number of match wins or a solid winning streak.
How do I get more fans and how are they beneficial?