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When do I pay Salaries? Can I avoid paying the player salary?
How to increase Sponsor money?
How can I change a player’s salary?
How to earn more money?
1) Ticket Sales : Each ticket sold for your home league match gives you an income of 200/- Keep winning matches so that more spectators will come to watch you play!
2) League Match Wins : Every league match win gives you a Prize Money of 100,000/-
3) Player Transfers : You earn money when you sell Players. Getting a player for a low price and selling him at a high price is another way of becoming an economic powerhouse. Keep an eye on the Auction market to find players to trade. In general, players sell for a higher price when more users are online and consequently have a higher chance of the bid to be raised. Figure out the best times to Buy and Sell accordingly.
4) Alliances : Become an Accomplished manager and join an Alliance. You will earn more Sponsorship money based on your Alliance's performance!
5) U20 Cup : Participate in the U20 Cup and get additional income.
What happens when I go into negative balance?
What will happen if I continue to have negative balance?
I’m in negative balance, what should I do?