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The Match
When can I set my lineup?
What type of Matches can I play and how are they different?
How does the Match Engine work?
How to select my Batsmen?
How to select my Bowler?
What is Team Fielding Ability?
From where do I change the players for my match and the lineup?
What are the features of the Weekly Friendly Matches?
Why do my players keep getting 'Run Out'?
What are Smart Field Placements?
How does the behavior of batsmen change according to different situations?
- As the innings comes to a close, if a Team batting first has wickets in hand then it will start slogging i.e., increase the run rate, but their probability of getting out may be slightly more than usual
- If the required run rate increases too much, Teams batting second will try to increase the run rate, but in the process, the probability of getting out may be much more than usual, due to pressure built by a high Required Run Rate
- If a team is chasing and requires less than a run-a-ball near the end of the innings, batsman will take more singles and twos instead of taking the risk of playing the big shots
What is ‘Powerplay’?
What is the Aggression Meter?
How does a wicketkeeper affect the fielding rating of the team?
Why are my bowlers bowling 'Wides'?
How is the outcome of a ball determined in a match?
What are Weekly Friendly Matches?
What is Captain Mode ?
How do I play in Captain Mode?
How does Captain Mode work?
What are the different types of Challenge matches?