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What are the benefits of training & how can I maximize them?
When can I give training? When will my players receive training?
How to give training?
Why can't I change the training focus? Or why can I not train this player?
What happens when I choose "Fitness" as training focus?
What happens when "Wicket Keeper & Fielding" is the training focus?
You can train any player from the playing 11 of the first League match to improve in his Wicket Keeping, Batting vs Seam and Batting vs Spin skill. In second league match, you must select a new player to be trained in wicket keeping from the playing 11 of that match. So you can train a max of 2 wicketkeepers every week. The amount of training received by the wicketkeepers in their Batting skills will be 80% of what is generally received from Batting training. All players playing the first league match get fielding training. Also, all players that play the second match League match who didn't get training in previous match get fielding training. So if you field a completely different set of players in each of your 2 matches during the week, a total of 2 x 11= 22 players get trained in Fielding.
How does batting training work? What are all different types of batting trainings?
How does bowling training work? What are all different types of bowling trainings?
How to use the 'Time Machine'?
When will my players improve in their skill level?
What kind of players should I train?
Why are some of my players not available for training?
What is the concept of Dual Focus for Musketeer?