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What are the benefits of training & how can I maximize them?
When can I give training? When will my players receive training?
How to give training?
Why can't I change the training focus? Or why can I not train this player?
What happens when I choose "Fitness" as training focus?
What happens when "Wicket Keeper & Fielding" is the training focus?
How does batting training work? What are all different types of batting trainings?
How does bowling training work? What are all different types of bowling trainings?
How to use the 'Time Machine'?
You can use the Time Machine to increase the Wicketkeeping skill of your player by trading with Age and Hitcoins.
To use this feature, go to the 'Time Machine' Tab at the Training page. You will see a drop down menu, wherein you can select the player whose skill level you wish to improve.
A pop up will open for confirmation that will show the exact number of days by which the player's age will increase and also the exact Hitcoins cost that would be incurred for this skill increase. Once you check these details and click on "Confirm" button, your player's skill level will increase in a few minutes.
- Time Machine can be used only up to Exemplary skill level
- You can not increase his skill level again for next 35 days
- Hitcoins costs change as per the skill levels
- It can be used for only Wicket keeping skill
- The increase in age depends on the time taken for the player to train in that particular skill and age
- This increase in age is adjusted as per the opportunity loss of increase batting skills through Wicketkeeping training and then a 15% penalty is imposed
- Time Machine cannot be used for the players who are currently registered in U20 Cup
- Time Machine cannot be used for the players who are currently in auction
- Time Machine cannot be used when a player is in a training session
- You need to at least be a Remarkable manager to be able to use this feature
When will my players improve in their skill level?
What kind of players should I train?
Why are some of my players not available for training?
What is the concept of Dual Focus for Musketeer?