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What are the benefits of training & how can I maximize them?
When can I give training? When will my players receive training?
How to give training?
- Every week, 24 hours after the first League match, choose the training focus for the week & instantly finish training by clicking the “Start Training” button
- Select Fitness percentage after focus has been set (if applicable). On app, save the fitness percent you have set before you move ahead Select the players you want to train for that match
- Within 72 hours of the match end, click “Start Training” button to receive the training report instantly
- Repeat steps 2 and 3 for second league match of the week
- Training for later match will be available only when earlier match’s training has either completed or expired
Why can't I change the training focus? Or why can I not train this player?
What happens when I choose "Fitness" as training focus?
What happens when "Wicket Keeper & Fielding" is the training focus?
How does batting training work? What are all different types of batting trainings?
How does bowling training work? What are all different types of bowling trainings?
How to use the 'Time Machine'?
When will my players improve in their skill level?
What kind of players should I train?
Why are some of my players not available for training?
What is the concept of Dual Focus for Musketeer?